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"Poem Addressed to You" in Poem-A-Day

"Toward Mercy I Throw the First Stone," an anthologia in Guernica

"at dinner a woman tells a story about her first love in front of her husband who cannot help but interject" in The Yale Review

"exercise in keeping it all in" and "Self-Portrait" in Blackbird Spring 2022 

"Act I" in POETRY Magazine

"Drawing of a Skeleton" and "Forte" in Shenandoah

"Unforgiven" in Split Lip Magazine

"Sparring" and "Cutting Weight" in Narrative Magazine

2nd place in 30 Below contest (2020)

"Day One" in Southern Humanities Review 

"What is Left" in Muzzle 

"Descendent" in Narrative Magazine

"He Says My Name" & "To hide from the dead / To be with the living" in The Margins

"Record" in The Missouri Review

"Like Being in Love" in Tupelo Quarterly

"Master" in Poetry Daily (reprint)


"Self-Defense" in Rivet

"Like Being in Love" in BOOTH


“DMZ Colony and the Totalitarian Translator” in American Poetry Review (print)

“Zheng Xiaoqiong, the migrant poet” in SupChina

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